“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat”

Throughout history, innovations have moved the world forward. With over two decades of experience and under the able guidance of Mr. Paresh Parekh, Carol Petroleum has constantly innovated to meet the changing times. As a result, our clients are happy and our products successful. Being a specialist in Industrial and Automotive lubricants, in no time, we have become a leading player in the lubricant market. Our range of lubes delivers high performance and gives innovative solutions.

When productivity and efficiency increase, costs reduce. The latest technology, the best hands and the sharpest brains work in tandem to offer complete customer satisfaction. The living testimony of this is our latest seven acre plant at Wada. It incorporates the latest machinery and world-class operating systems. All this to serve you better. In novel ways, every day.


To be a solution provider and answer needs in a way that it generates mutual profitability. Because when our customers profit, so do we. Become a brand that reflects supreme quality in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Lubricants, Greases, Specialties and Oils. Although we are among the leading players in the market, the only success that matters to us is 'superior quality to ensure customer satisfaction'.


  • To dominate the market and be synonymous to the product category across the world in all areas of operation.
  • To continuously achieve higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Continuous up gradation in business, operations and management procedures.


Our policy is a culture that imbibes the attributes of quality management and environment-friendliness in our products and into our day-to-day work processes ensuring a productive and healthy work-environment and reduced defects / errors in products, processes, systems and results.

We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction by continuous improvement in the processes of manufacturing, services and logistics, by effecting positive and lasting changes in the quality and environmental aspects of our product, and by meeting, and regularly exceedingthe requirements of demanding customers of national and international repute, including statutory & non-statutory bodies.

The approach is extended across business, operations and management activities and reviewed regularly to keep up with changing business needs. This policy, along with the “Clean and Green Policy” forms an integral part of the company’s culture and is communicated through established channels of communication.


Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals and hard working personnel, headed by a competent group of directors. Our lab is amongst the most advanced labs in the Indian industry. There is constant innovation of products & solutions to suit the customer's requirements. Each batch undergoes stringent quality control checks on advanced analytical & monitoring equipment. The objective is to ensure that stringent national & international standards are maintained. We are passionate about creating great products and reaching new heights. We want to be team of winner that loves to keep on winning.


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